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While Şanel Coiffeur serves you with its professional staff, we provide you with the best service with our professional work and our experience as an organization.

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Cosmetic Product Sales

While every woman wants perfect hair, the solution is not the same for everyone, Kérastase creates innovative products and tailored rituals for flawless results. As Şanel Kozmetik, we sell products as the legal consultant dealer of world-famous Kérastaseproducts.

Makeup Service

It is made by makeup artists who have at least 10 years of experience in our team. We make these applications by using the most suitable technical and professional products for your facial features and skin structure.

Eyebrow Shaping

In our salon, we offer the most suitable eyebrow shaping applications according to your face shape with the professional training we have received.

Manicure and Pedicure Service

Since 2008, we have been offering professional manicure and pedicure services in our salon so that your nails have a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Professional Hair Cutting Service

The best haircut is one that suits one's face and is well portable. We provide service not only according to the shape of the face, but also according to the skull structure and whether the haircut model you want is suitable for your daily life.


In order to create the most perfect look for all our brides, we prepare you for your most special day with our highly trained makeup artists and hair designers.

Professional Hair Coloring

As Şanel Coiffeur, we offer you coloring service by combining the most talented employees in our sector with the most professional products in our sector. In hair coloring, first of all, we process the coloring models you want in accordance with your hair structure.

Hair Care Service

Every woman wants to have perfect hair, but the solution is not the same for every hair. For this reason, we offer the most appropriate professional care service for you and your hair, after listening to your complaint, after making your hair analysis in order to offer you the most appropriate care with our expertise.

Micro Welding Applications

In our micro-welding applications, as Şanel Coiffeur, we provide you with an extension service that is no different from your own hair by using only first class real hair, combining the best service and the highest quality hair.

Our Mission

Şanel Kuaför 2008 yılından bu yana Mersin'de makyaj ve kuaförlük sektörünün öncülerinden olmuştur. Sektörde öncü bir kurum olmanın verdiği sorumlulukla Dubai ve Amerika gibi sektörün öncü olan ülkelerinde aldığımız eğitimlerle, müşterilerimize en güncel ve en kaliteli makyaj ve kuaförlük hizmetini sunmayı kendimize ...

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Why Us

Sektörümüzdeki en yetenekli çalışanlarını trend eğitimlerle yetiştirip profesyonel ürün kalitesiyle birleştirerek müşterilerimize en iyi hizmeti sunuyoruz....

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Our Vision

Şanel Kuafor olarak edindiğimiz tecrübelerimizi, profesyonel ürün kalitesiyle birleştirerek özellikle gelin makyajında dünyanın makeup trend öncüleri olmaktır....

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Customer Feedbacks

The professional hair and make-up they do is done in the most perfect and satisfied way by the professional team members, and they are excellent in terms of price and performance. It is a very decent quality place, I was very satisfied with both their work and their communication with the wonderful courtesy team of employees. If you want to entrust yourself to professional hands, a hairdresser you won't regret is fixed with experience❤️🙏🏼

Eda Masuroğlu

I wish I could give more stars. Make-up Mrs. Yağmur, Orhan, created wonders in the hair, they provided me with a magnificent reflection on the photos on my most beautiful day. In addition, Mrs. Dolunay and all the other employees were great, the people involved were amazing, they make you feel very comfortable. Even though I was the most active bride ever, neither my make-up was leaking nor my hair was broken. Even in the morning, my make-up was full. It's unexplainable 🙏❤ thank you very much Şanel hairdresser and his team, if you have hair, I think Şanel hairdresser is the only address without hesitation 👌

Derya Hızlısoy

I chose Şanel for my engagement and for my outdoor shoot. I'm glad I met you and I'm glad I worked with you. I can write many more things here, but none of them fully meet the feelings of the Şanel family.. I am so glad to have you 🌼 I am already very excited to be with you at the wedding

Meltem Erturk

First of all, thank you very much for your sincere sincerity and interest, it can be easily trusted for its success in every transaction. Special thanks to Fatos sister. For both his smiling face and his understanding demeanor. Everything happened exactly as I wanted. I would recommend it to everyone. 👌🫶🏻

Gökçe Çatak

Endless thanks to Ms. Yağmur and Anastasia, who turned me into a princess at my wedding, if you want to make your stressful days perfect, definitely choose them ❤️

Sedef Pirinç

As someone who went to many hairdressers and left unsatisfied, I would like to thank Batuhan, who successfully made my hair platinum, and the Şanel family, who worked with him for his smiling face.

Sibel Han Işınay

I would like to thank Ms. YAĞMUR, who was with me at every moment in my engagement makeup, henna, bachelorette, wedding makeup. I didn't even need to look in the mirror while applying makeup because I was sure that she would do her best. The materials they use are of such high quality that if you never wash the make-up, it will not deteriorate for 3 days without exaggeration.

Merve Çokgün

The best hair artist of Şanel, Mrs. Gamze, made my hair wonderful. It never broke all night. I'm glad that I chose it for my bride and henna hair❤️❤️❤️ Burçin lady was perfect in makeup and shenna never broke during the wedding, I'm glad Burçin lady ❤️

Berfin Tatlı

Opening Hours

On Sundays, only hotel preparation service is provided.

  • Monday-Saturday: 08.00 - 19.30
  • Sunday: Closed

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